Years of experience has enabled Binjara Vine Nursery
to stay ahead of the field...

Binjara Vine Nursery began from humble beginnings in 2001 on a small property on the NSW / Victorian border town of Euston. Company Director Justin Turner spent many years working for Bruce and Jenni Chalmers of Chalmers Nurseries before the opportunity arose  for he and his wife Tangee and their two boys to purchase the 22 acre property.

Binjara Vine Nursery over the coming years continued to grow slowly until the opportunity came in 2008 to  purchase Chalmers Nurseries from Bruce And Jenni. With the purchase came the propogation rights to all the new Italian varieties that Bruce Chalmers had spent tireless years establishing within the Australian wine industry.

Binjara Vine Nursery still operates from the same property in Euston with many improvements and an expansion being carried out over the last 12 months to see the property as it stands today.

From a small casual staff of 8 to the current amount of 45 seasonal employees, Binjara Vine Nursery has created many employment opportunities for the local community.

Binjara Vine Nursery supplies vine products to all corners of Australia and with this comes the commitment to supply the highest quality product possible.

Years of experience has enabled Binjara Vine Nursery to stay ahead of the field and continually supply the highest quality grapevines to the viticulture industry of Australia.


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